These Are a Few of My FAVORITE Things…

For my Kiddo~

  • Nature’s Baby Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Little Twig Bubble Bath
  • Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Xylitol Tooth Gel
  • California Baby Sunscreen, both Lotion and Stick
  • Burt’s Bees Buttermilk Bath
  • Dr. Bronners Baby Wash
  • Shoes- I like UMI, Primigi,  Pediped, Geox and Naturino best.  See Kai Run was better when DD wasn’t so active, the get scuffed SUPER easy.
  • Clothes- Hmmmm…. I love Tea Collection,  Naartjie,  Lucky Wang, Catmini, Mini Boden,   Baby Lulu, Baby Nay,  also Luna Luna, Le Pink,  Bebemonde &   Biscotti dresses .
  • I like some  Janie & Jack,  H&M, The Children’s Place, Gymbo (usually at Maddie & Mo’s), Gap, Old Navy,etc.  Target is great for play clothes, as is Kohl’s. I love Carter’s fleece footie jammies.
  • I do not like the style of Hanna Andersson (their Organic Cotton Under rock, though), it is too cutsey conservative for me, too plain.  Baby Style is okay, some too cutsey, but I have a BS outfit I adore.  I don’t like FUBU or Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy  and the like  either, too “Urban”.   Lands End and LL Bean are great for outerwear, as is the Gap Warmest Coat.

Side Note: I Like Melissa & Doug okay, they have had some issues with the safety of their toys. It is wood, but is MIC and the paint CHIPS TONS! There are some toys they make that are really cute like the Sushi and Cookie playfood. I am having mixed feeling about them, and try to find alternatives, if possible.  Like the Plan Toys food.

For ME

For the Home and Beyond


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