Help LEGO spread CHEER to Toys for Tots! PLEASE!!!!!!

Do a good deed today! For each virtual greeting shared, LEGO Systems will donate one new LEGO toy to the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program, up to 1 million toys. PLEASE! It’s FREE!


What Bumbee is getting for Festivus and Xmas….

  • DD is 4.5. She doesn’t play with dolls. This is a work in progress and subject to change! 🙂 Stuff in red, I already have
  • ~ Magna-tiles
  • ~ Rory’s Story Cubes
  • ~ Lego Garbage Bus
  • ~ Toys Story 3 Operation
  • ~ Some books; Fancy Nancy, Fairy Houses, etc.
  • ~ A Lego heart necklace from Etsy
  • ~ Lego building plate
  • ~Camelot Jr.
  • ~I would love an affordable Flik Flak watch
  • Stocking
    ~Lego Mini-figures
    ~ Hello Kitty Band-aids (Target travel sections, she gets them every year)
    ~ Playmobil Fairies and animals
    ~ Bath Fizzies
    ~ Lip Balm from Fizz
  •  ~Lunchbots
  • ~Reusable sammy bags

Thanks and Giving tree. Our newest family tradition!

Inspired by Skip to my Lou….I got the paper at Michaels, traced the leaves and cut them out (from Chocolate on my Cranium), hole punched them and used ribbon to attach them to the branches. The branches are from a neighbors tree. I asked him for stray branches and he was nice enough to trim some for me! Each day this week, we are each getting one leaf. On one side we write what we are thankful for and on the other something kind we did that day. One side is thanks, one side is giving. We will write what we are most thankful for and something we can work on to help others on Save the Turkey’s Day.

Support the US. BUY AMERICAN MADE!!!!!!!!

Check out the latest cheap crap made in China (besides Legos) that American’s pay way too much for, making corporations rich and costing America jobs; toys that children want because the marketing is so good and they use child psychology to brainwash our kids. Thanks Wal-mart for giving us “more” for “less”. Bumbee sees commercials for this stuff and says “oh, that’s made in China”, knowing I will NOT but it for her.

This pisses me off, we have millions of American’s out of work, but American people will not buy less stuff, that is made better that costs more. He who has the most MIC crap wins mentality. Buy American MADE (when possible) or stop complaining about how China is taking over. It is OUR OWN damn fault.

One of the toys I LOVE that is MIC is Zylie the Bear. They responsibly make her, and if I had to guess they probably couldn’t find a place in the US to make the bears, since most smaller companies that could handle their volume have already fallen to Wal-Mart…


I want this! PBK Large Santa Bag, personalized with Bumbee’s name.

It is currently almost $40 with monogramming. Boo. They usually go on sale for $20ish.  I LOVE the idea. We already don’t wrap Santa gifts, so to be able to just throw them in a bag and be done, SWEET! So If/when I find this for $15-$20 I am jumping on it. Stuff like this can be used again and again, Bumbee can keep this forever. So this is one of the things I am  “bargain stalking “.


RANT. Why are girl Halloween costumes so freakin’ SLUTTY!

Okay, I may be a liberal, but I live my life more conservative. Girls clothes overall are not appropriate nowadays. Girls should look like kids, not little ladies. And really; people high heels and make-up, string bikinis? When did it become okay to sexualize  kids closer to their past wearing diapers than their future wearing maxi-pads?

Can buying American Made products help the economy? YES!!!!!!!!!!

Are you willing to pay more for Made in America?
I am a huge proponent of quality VS quantity. I feel somewhere past the 1950’s we lost sight of that value. The value of buying thigs to last, not to toss in a landfill when they no longer work to replace it with an equally crappy Made in China item. What would you rather teach your child/ren? That things are disposable? That consumerism is right? That it doesn’t matter the cost to American jobs, the environment or the cost in human rights violations in sweatshops overseas? That he who consumes the most wins?
For Festivus and X-mas, we buy as much made in America, Europe or responsibly made stuff  (Plan Toys, Tegu blocks, etc.) We own one item from Fisher-Price, seriously only one. An MP3 player. DD REALLY loves to sing!
Avoiding things MIC is virtually impossible, but this is a great start!