Mother Nature

Cloth Diapers-

DUH! This is an obvious one! I love Blue Penguin Diapers, ZB carries them in town. Cloth really is easier than you think. ZB carries biodegradable flushable liners for #2’s. You line the diaper with one, and flush the 2’s away!

White Vinegar’s may uses…

Instead of Jet Dry, use white vinegar. Gets dishes sparkling, and no harmful chemicals. This is from Jet Dry’s MSDS…

Handling: MSDS:
Danger. Corrosive.
Contains Sulfamic and Citric acid. Causes burns to eyes. Skin irritant. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust or mist from this product. Wear eye protection and rubber gloves when handling. Do not take internally. Remove and wash any contaminated clothing and clean shoes before reuse. Store in original container in a secure, dry area, inaccessible to children and pets. Keep out of reach of children.
Disposal: MSDS: Dispose of waste in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Use to clean floors, in laundry, etc.

SIGG Water Bottles-

I love my SIGG. I am not adding plastic to landfills, or to the recycling (it uses natural resources to recycle). The bottles are BPA-free, so they are better for me, too! There are a whole bunch of cute styles and colors.

Ecover Products-

I am currently using their dish soap, dishwasher tablets , and limescale remover. All work SO WELL! Great products that are good for the environment.

Check out their site:

If you don’t already have reusable shopping bags, this is a great site. We all know it is better for the environment (plastic bags take HUNDREDS of years to break down), helps keep our beautiful city free of “trashy” looking bags everywhere, and they can be quite fashionable. I have Envirosax and love them. They are really pretty bags. Plus you get a bag refund at Basha’s and New Frontier’s. They sell Kold to Go bags, too. I use them to keep perishables cold if I go to more than one store. Plastic bags BLOW.


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