Flagstaff Mama’s Local Favs

A few of my favorite things…


Best Place to get a gift for one of your girls-

P.J. Chilcottage

In the OTS Downtown. They have high end soaps, candles, picture frames, decorator accents,etc. They also have the softest robes.

About Memories and More-

The ladies here are fab. This is a great store. Tons of cool stuff, Midnight Madness is fun, and the gals know their stuff! I highly recommend AMAM! They carry Beanpod candles which are made from 100% soy, not petroleum, and are lead-free.


Best local girlie stuff….

Sister Creations Skincare and Make-up. Their stuff rocks!

Eat, drink, and be caffeinated-

Best local food product:

Tortilla Lady Tortillas-SO worth the extra “dough”. They are sooooo good, and only have a few ingredients. Have your read your tortilla label lately????? Once you buy em, you are hooked. I have had a few guest stay with us and pack tortillas in their luggage to take home. Available at most grocery stores in Flag.


Favorite Place(s) to get a cup-o-joe (or a latte):

Late for the Train-Always consistent, best Chai in town, good quality coffee. Some yummy pastries, too. I usually go to the one DT, but they are all good.


Macy’s-The Macy’s Special is yummy! Great homemade Granola, biscuits and gravy, and pastries. Great quality and the atmosphere is fun. I love sitting outside people and dog watching.


Wicked AZ- The best drive-thru coffee I have ever had!

Best Breakfast-

La Bellavia- My favorite place for B-fast. I love the french toast. It is a cute little spot that gets busy on weekends. Service is usually pretty quick. Great eggs benedict dishes and the potatoes are great.

Best Place to get a Bagel –

Biff’s- I love their Bagel’s. The b-fast bagel with the egg that is steamed with the espresso machine is delicious.
Best Sushi-

Hiro’s- Other places may come and go but Hiro’s is always my favorite. Fresh fish and veggies, good service, consistent every time. The best place for Sushi in Flag.

Hiro’s 1312 S. Plaza Way Flagstaff 86001 226-8030 http://www.hiroflag.com

Best place to imbibe in a Martini-

Rendezvous- Okay so they are the only Martini Bar in Flag. They do make really good Martinis though. Prices are a bit steep, but you only go out without the kiddos a few times a year, right? 😉 My fav is the Chocolate Express. Yummm…..

Inside the Monte V- 100 N. San Francisco St. 779-6971 http://www.hotelmontevista.com/rendezvous.php

Best place to have a glass of wine-

The Wine Loft- A glass of wine and a good board game, what more could a girl need? A great unpretentious place to set a glass of wine. They have one of the best selection of board games in Flag. FYI- Last time I went I was told they no longer offer flights, boo hoo.

17 N San Francisco St Flagstaff, AZ 86001 773-9463

Best Pizza

New Jersey Pizza Co.-This one is going to cause some controversy. My favorite is New Jersey. I love their pizza. They take a bit longer than most places, but the quality is so good, it is worth the wait! Fresh, quality ingredients. Some of the best pizza I have had anywhere. I love New Jersey Pizza!!! Great salads, too.


Best place to get an affordable Organic facial and a massage:

Massage Bliss-Massage Bliss was something Flag needed. A cute little place where you can get great services at a reasonable price. Where else can you get a facial and massage for under $100? Great location across from the OTS.

Massage Bliss 4 E Birch Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 779-0900


5 thoughts on “Flagstaff Mama’s Local Favs

  1. I too found Zen baby boutique to be wonderful, I love the organic collection from Joli Bebe Organic, and I was so please to see a portion of Joli Bebe’s sales going to wildlife conservation.

    I’m so happy to have an organic baby store close by.

  2. Michelle,

    I love ZB! There are so many things to go to PHX for (like Trader Joe’s), that it is nice to have a baby store that is big city quality here in Flag!

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