Raising MY Spirited Child

I highly recommend this book! I am a spirited mama and somethings I find hardest to deal with in terms of Bumbees behavior, are traits I have, too….
Bumbee carries these traits.

Spirited children are more. My daughter is funny, charming and one of the most intelligent and sensitive people I have ever met.  She is also very high energy, stubborn (persistent) and sensitive (gets sensory overload).

I want all parents to children that are spirited to know they are not alone. Some days suck, you want to run away from home, scream, cry… YOU are NOT alone! You are not a bad parent, you are human and it’s likely you have some spirited traits. When Bumbee uses her persistence and energy to become the first female POTUS maybe then I will fully appreciate her!

Raising Your Spirited Child



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