What Bumbee is getting for Festivus and Xmas….

  • DD is 4.5. She doesn’t play with dolls. This is a work in progress and subject to change! 🙂 Stuff in red, I already have
  • ~ Magna-tiles
  • ~ Rory’s Story Cubes
  • ~ Lego Garbage Bus
  • ~ Toys Story 3 Operation
  • ~ Some books; Fancy Nancy, Fairy Houses, etc.
  • ~ A Lego heart necklace from Etsy
  • ~ Lego building plate
  • ~Camelot Jr.
  • ~I would love an affordable Flik Flak watch
  • Stocking
    ~Lego Mini-figures
    ~ Hello Kitty Band-aids (Target travel sections, she gets them every year)
    ~ Playmobil Fairies and animals
    ~ Bath Fizzies
    ~ Lip Balm from Fizz
  •  ~Lunchbots
  • ~Reusable sammy bags

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