Support the US. BUY AMERICAN MADE!!!!!!!!

Check out the latest cheap crap made in China (besides Legos) that American’s pay way too much for, making corporations rich and costing America jobs; toys that children want because the marketing is so good and they use child psychology to brainwash our kids. Thanks Wal-mart for giving us “more” for “less”. Bumbee sees commercials for this stuff and says “oh, that’s made in China”, knowing I will NOT but it for her.

This pisses me off, we have millions of American’s out of work, but American people will not buy less stuff, that is made better that costs more. He who has the most MIC crap wins mentality. Buy American MADE (when possible) or stop complaining about how China is taking over. It is OUR OWN damn fault.

One of the toys I LOVE that is MIC is Zylie the Bear. They responsibly make her, and if I had to guess they probably couldn’t find a place in the US to make the bears, since most smaller companies that could handle their volume have already fallen to Wal-Mart…


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