Botox and Body waxing on an EIGHT year old LITTLE girl is effing SICK!

Botox for an 8 year old. Why not just get her lipo and fakes boobs, too. Seriously, this is so sad. Way to go, creating insecure girls with body image issues. She should be locked up. BIKINI waxes? SICK. Not much shocks me… The mother (who I cannot say anything nice about her appearance) says pageants are harsh. SO WHY THE F$%K DO THEM? Because she wishes she was attractive enough to be considered beautiful. Botox is POISON, she is injecting poison into her child on purpose. Very Flowers in the Attic. This infuriates me and makes me so very sad. The girl is already effed up, thanks to mommy dearest…

This makes me sick and SO VERY ANGRY!!!!

Upper leg area, umm bikini area. Call it what it is….


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