Product Review-Myself Belts are AWESOME!

Myself Belts– My daughter has a problem; she inherited my stubborn streak, independent streak and even worse my flat behind.It has gotten rounder since having her, TMI? Perhaps.Moving on… She has a long back and flat butt, and “she got it from her Mama”. So while she may aspire to BE a plumber one day, she shouldn’t look like one now. So off I went to do some research, a belt for kids. Alas, I found Myself Belts; “preventer” of CPBC AKA Children’s Plumber Butt Crack. No offense to plumbers! I got 2 belts. They are really easy to use, cute and affordable. I LOVE them. I wholeheartedly give them the Flagstaff Mama Seal of Approval!


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