Get Fit! A long overdue update!

So, I think like anything else you get out of it what you put in. I have lost a few lbs, but could do better… Making, or taking the time for myself to work out isn’t happening as much as it should. We have been sick so many times this winter it has really taken a toll on us all. In fact we have the second non predetermined  doc visit (since she had jaundice as an infant ) for Bumbee, and both have been the past few months. We went years without her hardly ever getting sick to her coughing so bad she had to get a chest x-ray. And she is having some issues at school, not getting along with some kids, etc. Between the school drama and cough. Bumbee has had MAJOR sleep issues. Like she now need snugs to sleep(we are working on that) and she has been waking up coughing. Sometimes several times per night. AND she wakes us up since she cannot fall back to sleep on her own.

Get fit is a GREAT program. Very well planned, and easy to execute, if you stick with it. My BMI is 23, and was just above that before. I have lost 3 lbs. I am already a pretty healthy eater, being a Veg. I have to make sure I get enough protein, etc. I usually pack my lunch in an Easy Lunch Box, it is WAY cheaper and easier. The workouts are pretty intense, HIT style. And the ab workouts are good.  I do feel stronger, and I am starting to see food as fuel, which goes against my former “European” way of thinking. But really without food you would die, and with bad food it hurts you, too. So good food is like good fuel. I am like a luxury car, I take premium! 🙂



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