E-bay score! 3 pair of Hanna Anderrson ORGANIC cotton long john jammies….

for under $15 shipped! I just got 2 pair of Kirkland Organic jammies, 5t, on e-bay for $12 ish a piece. But they are a bit big and jammies are supposed to fit snug, so I decided to size down to a 110 in HA or 4 in regular barnds. I am not a huge HA fan. Their stuff is great quality, but so expensive. And I have a love/hate relationship with the designs. Their organic unders ROCK! And I am hoping the jammies do, too. We wear jammies for a few days before washing, like I did as a kid (still do) we put them under or pillow when we make our beds in the am. The cotton long jammies work in both summer and winter. Bumbee has a latex mattress, organic sheets, duvet, pillow and blanket. So why dress her in non-organic cotton? Plus it is so very soft!


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