Holy Carp, the last month has been nuts!


Bumbee has had a double ear infection, Strep and an X-ray that showed possible pneumonia. So, we had to give her antibiotics. 😦

Then I have the WAHM guilt, the if I hadn’t gone back to work he wouldn’t have gotten sick, bla bla bla. It isn’t easy to be a SAHM or a WAHM.

I missed worked; wearing cute clothes and make-up, feeling important, talking to adults. And I feel like Bumbee is so much better off, she is so high energy I couldn’t fulfill her social needs, she needed to be with peers.

BUT,  I am still planning a kick booty b-day party.  So far Cherry Blossom theme, The Terrible Tu-2’s, ____ is Turing 3 Everybody Hug a Tree, and this year…… Fairy Fourest.  We LOVE Fairies. My mom, who died when I was 5, bought me Mary Cicely Barker’s books, and I have LOVED Fairies since! Fairy wands made from sugar cookies, wings for each girl and something garden gnome for each boy. I’m thinkin’!


I have this tattoo…

From the UK’s own Easyart.com


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