LOVING our new Tegu blocks.

They are super magnetic, and easy to clean up. I love open ended imaginative toys, especially ones:

  • Not made in China
  • Using fair trade labor
  • Made with the environment in mind, using sustainable materials.

We had some friends over the other night, and the mom was helping me clean up and before I knew it she was playing with them, she though they were really cool! Of course after I ordered from them, they came out with colored ones, those look really cool! Maybe for Bumbee’s B-day we will add on to her set. I think I like the Jungle, better than the Tints. We tend to build natural things like, trees, etc. so we would make better use of them. They are more $, but we focus on buying Bumbee quality over quantity. She has toys that no one has ever seen before, more unique stuff than most kids.

I will post pics soon, once I take some without Bumbee’s face in them.  Thanks to Tegu for the carrying case, I love a “place for everything, and everything in it’s place”.


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