I have been a slacker with fitness. TOTALLY! This is how my work day goes. Up @ 6:30, leave @ 7:30, drop kiddo off, get to work at 8. Leave at 5ish, pick-up the kiddo, get home between 5:30-5:45. Eat dinner, clean kitchen, etc. Get ready for bed. Rinse, Repeat. I have so little time, […]

My secret to glowing skin?

Argan oil.  100% pure Argan Oil. I like both Josie Maran and  Kae. I only buy 100% pure Argan oil, and despite what you might think about using oil, it has reduced my breakouts. Kae has a pump, which is nice. A little goes a long way! My skin is sooo much softer! You can […]

LOVING our new Tegu blocks.

They are super magnetic, and easy to clean up. I love open ended imaginative toys, especially ones: Not made in China Using fair trade labor Made with the environment in mind, using sustainable materials. We had some friends over the other night, and the mom was helping me clean up and before I knew it […]