Welcome to the blog, lkdKids!

Hi. My name is Laura and I am run lkdKids/lkdDesigns. I started out making quilts for friends and family and decided one day to see if anyone would be interested in buying them. And they did! So I created 2 websites where you can purchase not only quilts, but all sorts of fabric inspired items […]

Ecoist is on Jasmere! Woo Hoo!!!!!

I LOVE Ecoist! Truly love them! I have 3 of their items; Escama Socorro bag, an M&M coin purse (used as a make-up bag) and a Coke every/any. Seriously Ecoist rocks!!!!!! Jasmere has $50 vouchers for $20! 60% off, score! I think I am getting the Daily in the Doritos pattern.Plus a $20 filler… They […]