Searching for new panties, not for teens nor for grannies.

Welcome to my TMI post. I have lost weight and need new underwear. I have decided that I want organic cotton, better for me and the world. `I have  a particular brand and style of thongs I like, Cosabella Soire. I bought them on sale at Nordstrom years ago, and since I hardly ever wear them, they are still fab. The most comfy thong for me. That said I prefer not to wear a thong unless I need to either  because of an outfit, or desperation due to a lack of clean laundry. The one weight gain benefit after having Bumbee was a bit more junk in the trunk, I def. didn’t need the extra cleav! But, my booty looks better! 😉 No full coverage, I prefer low-rise and I am only in my 30’s, so no mom jeans or granny panties for me!

So in search of the perfect bikini or boyshort, I found the CUTEST organic cotton underwear! But, OMG so $$$$$$$$$$. Like on sale 3/$49.95 with $17 shipping, so almost $70 for 3 pair. I love the style, the story, the organic made in the USA philosophy, but I just cannot afford to pay that much. 9 pair, a good amount, would be $300ish. Here they are, so you can wish for them along with me! Seriously they are SO cute!

I have found some other ones, some made in China, boo especially when from a well know yoga company. Some are just boring, I am not 80! So I think I found some I like, not nearly as cute as the CC ones, but with shipping they would be $9/pair and they are organic made in the US.


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