Diary of a Back-to-work from being a SAHM, day 12….

So I am getting used to waking up at 6:30, as opposed to 8 or 9. It is getting easier (besides the fact I have a BAD cold and cannot sleep) and Bumbee has adjusted well, too.

Here is my day.

  • Wake up at 6:30; eat b-fast and drink coffee, bush teeth, get dressed, do hair and make-up (nothing special)
  • Help get Bumbee ready, Dada does most of it, since he leaves later.
  • Get our lunches, snacks,etc. ready
  • Leave by 7:30-7:40
  • Drop Bumbee off, drive to work. My office and pre-school are about a mile away from each other. so it takes me 5 mins to drive there.

On a normal day, I work 8-5, with a one hour lunch break and sometimes one or 2 15 min breaks.But, since I am finishing out this semester with day classes, M-Th. are temporarily jacked.

On normal days, AKA Friday I usually spend my lunch shopping for work clothes at Marshall’s. My office is less than 10 minutes from there. I am trying to build up my working mama wardrobe from scratch. I have some cute size 0-4 clothes, and a few size 10 things. So I had to start from scratch. Sam’s Club has some Nicole Miller slacks for $15ish, I got some 9 West pants from Marshall’s and a cute pair of brown tweed pants from Goodwill. Sam’s has turtlenecks for $10, and I got a few Tahari sweaters at Marshall’s. I am trying to spend little, but get a lot. I also got a really cute Shelli Segal Laundry down coat for $60 originally $325.I bought some faux leather Aerosoles boots (I saw a pair of Clark’s I LOVED but as  Veggie the “doeskin” leather made me so sad) I saw them online on sale for $50, and then happened to find the EXACT same ones at Ross for $24! So I got some leggings, a sweater dress and wear the boots, and it is super cute. I LOVE getting dressed up again. And I find missing the Bumbee makes our relationship better. She is such a handful, that I was getting frustrated being with her some days. She is thriving in pre-school. She was so ready and needed it. The structure a mom could never give, the social interaction and the education from specialized teachers. She has already done a play, comes home with crafts all the time, and show us the stuff she learned from her dance teacher. I am so happy with Alpine Academy, it is $650 a month but it is close to my work, the hours are great and it feels truly like a school and not a daycare.

On Tu/Th the hubs picks her up since I am at CCC til 4:30. The other days I pick her up after 5, when I get off. One day a week I might keep her at school til 6 so I can go to Safeway or Marshall’s real quick. The Marshall’s shopping will taper off, as I fill my career closet.  I don’t have 5 full outfits yet, and I have created a Casual Friday for myself at work, so I can wear jeans! And I wear a polo with my company logo. I also bought the CUTEST ballet flat satin slippers to wear in the office. Seriously, who wouldn’t love to get away with wearing slippers at work?


The brands I like are; my absolute fav is Laundry by Shelli Segal, Tahari, Elie Tahari, Anthropologie,Theory, etc. I find that Old Navy and Target stuff just don’t last. For work clothes I need stuff to hold up well.

I usually bring lunch to work; a Safeway “O” bean burrito, Amy’s frozen meal, leftovers or another healthy frozen option. Eating out is so $$$$, and since I make less than $1500/month after pre-school, I am trying to be good. Plus eating out solo=BORING.

I like my job, for the most part. I make more than I did before, more than I would starting as a PCT/CNA at FMC. Work typical hours, in a pretty quiet professional environment. Being anal, as I am, I have created checklists and such. I have a stash of snacks in my office, lotion on my desk, lipgloss in my drawer and slippers under my desk. It feels very comfortable being back at work. I never realized how much I missed being a grown-up. I am glad I took 3 1/2 years off to be a full-time mom, but to have my old comfortable job handed to me with an offer for more money, not having to do a resume and explain my employment gap. I was going to apply at FMC in December/January when they were expecting to hire, but after not working almost 4 years, I was really nervous. The timing was too good to pass up, and in this economy, so was the $1/hour more than I made when the economy was good. Some days I miss wearing jammies all day, especially since I have had a cold, and hate getting up early when I got a crappy nights sleep the night before.

The making lunch the night before especially in the Easy Lunch Boxes, has been so easy, pun intended.I either make a PB&J, a grilled cheese sammy cut into strips, and quesadilla or pasta salad with either Safeway O pre packed apple slices (so they don’t turn brown and yucky), applesauce or carrot sticks as a fruit/veg and a trail mixy type snack with either dried fruit and almonds or Annie’s Organic bunnies. If no cheese in the “main course” she gets a stick cheese (string cheese) or snack cuts. DD is a SLOW eater, so she eats a bar and a Clif kids fruit stick and a banana on the car ride to school and whatever is left she eats there. Seriously it took her over an hour to eat dinner tonight. So eating b-fast at home is not an option.

So, that’s my update. Things are going pretty well! And I am  so happy working again, and the guilt of leaving my child in the care of other has subsided. Seriously the hubs never feels bad working so why , as a mother, should I? She is well cared for, learning, has fun and is getting ready for pre-school. Her behavior has really improved, I am really impressed. The teacher say that she might be the model student if she keeps it up! This is the same kids other moms have told me “I might want to consider Ritalin for her ADHD”  or have said how “hyper” she is and the same kid that people give me dirty looks over, like I am a horrible mother because I am trying to get her to behave, with them not seeing that she has behavioral issue more than just when they see her.





3 thoughts on “Diary of a Back-to-work from being a SAHM, day 12….

  1. I love Google Alerts. That’s how I found your mention 🙂 I’m continually flattered when I read that someone loves my EasyLunchboxes. It always makes my day. So thank YOU! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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