Diary of a SAHM turned Working Mom.Day 2…..

Day 2—— Yesterday Bumbee did NOT do so well. She is not a kid that fits in an\d follows rules. Her fav song is Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, and it fits! Today she was better, a marked improvement. YAY! I am getting the hang of my old job, after four years and only 5 hours or refresh training. For the most part I like my job. I like organized and predictable office work. I miss Bumbee, but she is SUCH a handful, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

As for dinners, Sunday I made my famous mac-n-cheese, so Monday all the hubs had to do was put it in the oven. Tonight for Weds/Thurs. dinner I am making potato leek soup. Friday I think we will just make dinner when we get home. I am making black beans this weekend for enchiladas, yum! I don’t have enough time for beans during the week (leaving the stove on scares me, as does the lead in most crock pots). Cleaning when I get home at 6ish, need to eat right away (need 4 hours to digest prior to my Synthroid), clean up the dinner mess, etc. and be in bed at 10ish. 4 hours seems like a lot more time than it is.PLUS 2 time consuming college classes. I miss my afternoon downtime, AKA naptime…


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