I had to share my recent CL experience…

when we sold Bumbee’s crib, changing table, etc. Below is an e-mail I got from the buyers a week or so later. A really nice couple expecting their first child.Seriously, it made my day.

“We just wanted to get back in touch with you about how much we appreciated your working with us to get us the crib set and how much we appreciate all the other stuff y’all threw in.   We got everything set up in the room, and when we were looking at the crib–all full of stuffed animals and listening to the music played from the little music device you gave us–we both started to cry from happiness at being that much readier for our someday baby.

Thanks so much for being such a big and happy part of this.”

Then a week later, I sold a toy that required batteries from when she was a baby, and the girl paid me $4 EXTRA for having to buy batteries! Sometimes people are so nice!  🙂




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