What’s on MY Festivus wishlist?

An effing apron, yes an apron. Now I am REALLY a housewife. I need a job, anyone wanna hire me? I like cooking and baking and an apron would help keep me cleaner, and there are such cute styles nowadays…

I like the look of flirty Aprons, but not the made in China thing. $30 for an apron made in China? REALLY? So I have been looking on etsy. I found a few I really like, one is not at all what I was looking for, but I love the fabric. We are on a really tight budget, and I would rather spend the money on Bumbee than me. So this will be my big gift, and I want it to be prefect… I still have a few months and thankfully $ in my paypal account, thanks to Bing (RIP). does anyone in Flag make aprons?Someone made Bumbee one, but she works full time, so I am sure she is insanely busy!







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