My goal of not getting Bumbee ANY Made in China Festivus gifts?

Totally doable! Depending on how much $ we get, if any, from Bumbee’s Grandma,  we may have to wait on a few things until her b-day. I am selling toys on CL to buy her stuff for Festivus…

  • Tegu Blocks-Fair trade, made in Honduras, sustainable.
  • Planet Pixie-Organic, fair trade from Sri Lanka.
  • Plan Toys Green dollhouse- Fair trade, sustainable, made in Thailand.
  • Grimm’s Spiel Stacking blocks- Made in Germany.
  • Kapla Building planks/blocks. Made in France, sustainable

Sure, it is more work, and yes more money, and really this is all she gets if she gets this much. But, I hope she appreciates quality  and that no children worked in sweatshops to make her toys, and that no more plastic was made from petroleum for her.



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