Bumbee’s tentative Festivus/X-mas list.

I think the Plan Toys Green House that has been sitting in my closet is ready to make it’s debut! It will be the one toy in her room. Retails for $200ish.

Tegu Blocks- $100, but with my $70 for $27 Jasmere voucher, for which I had a $10 credit,making it $17. It will cost  $127 (shipping is approx $10)-70,so it  will cost just under $60.

A Planet Pixie Doll-Bumbee loves fairies! Hope she likes it! $20ish or so on Amazon.

And again the Grimm’s Spiel Holz XL Rainbow is on our list. It sucks being on such a tight budget. Champagne taste, paper plate budget! 😉 $80 or so. pricey but made in Germany and heirloom quality. When she is older, it could be a cool piece of art in her room. I hope Fine Wooden Toys gets them back in stock!


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