Per Jenn’s request, A YMCA update! :)

Thanks Jenn, for being one of my few regular posters, so I know someone reads my ramblings…. ;-p

LOVE the childcare, it’s included for 2 hours per day. Closed from 1-4 or 5. Which is sometimes a bummer. Childcare room is super clean, has a private restroom and weather permitting the kids can play outside. Not like a daycare, they actually do crafts and play with the kids. Facility is great, the one thing I don’t like is the locker rooms. Small and only a few showers. Clean, but small. That is my biggest complaint. They do a mommy and me class one day per week (Sat.), included in the cost, so that is cool. They have a good # of classes, love the new equipment with ipod connections. Not as busy as some other gyms which I like. As a student, I sometimes drop my Bumbee off at childcare, work out for and hour and use the college resource computers to do homework for another hour. You can see the class schedule online. It changes a bit month to month. The other thing I don’t like is that there is no pool. It’s kinda like Summit (formerly The Firm) like that.


4 thoughts on “Per Jenn’s request, A YMCA update! :)

  1. I totally love the Y. Well, when I go back. I also don’t like that there is no pool, but that is in the works and they have contracted with another facility for lessons, until they can fund having theirs built, so that’s cool.

    What would be awesome is if they provided weekend activities that the kids could do (like the summer camps, but just for a day on sat/sun).

    • Eunice, that would be rad! They have Mommy and Me Sat. but it is pre-nap time, and I don’t want her nap to be delayed. Nap time is my fav time of day! 😉

  2. Jenn,

    Have you taken a tour of the Y? I wonder if they do a trial week or something? They offer specials a lot, you can “like” them on FB and maybe see special offers. I also like while on the treadmill or elliptical I can look outside at the trees. For me, the childcare area being new and the staff interacting with the kiddos makes the Y the right choice. Bumbee loves going there, she calls it the G-Y-M or the C-Y-M, the hubs and I spelled it one day, not sure if we were going not wanting to get her excited, and she figured it out. Everytime we drive near there she wants to go. In the summer I bring sunscreen, or put it on first because they usually go outside. there is a small play structure adjacent and enclosed they use.They have a nursery area for little ones, a play kitchen area , art supplies, dolls etc. Bumbee has come home with pictures and art projects. They have a TV, but don’t use it much. Also they have a B-Ball court downstairs, and sometimes a little hoop out. Often there is no one there and we go play together.

    I’m glad to help.I started this blog, because as a new mom there were so many things I couldn’t find or didn’t know about. It’s kind of mish-mash, but I try to help other mama’s find useful info, too!

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