More introspective ramblings

Do you ever look at other women with a touch of envy? I do. Actually it’s more like I wish I were more like her in some little way.  I am stuck between wanting to accept myself as is, good and bad, flaws and all or the part of me that wishes I had “her” style and could pull of certain outfits, or time management skills or her  ability to have a spotless house despite working out 7 days a week and working. I wish I had more style, like I went to Target in more than jeans and a tee, looking put together, yet effortless. Do I remain as is, and accept myself or strive to be better more like the women I admire.

I am a procrastinator, like really bad. Especially with things I don’t enjoy. While I accept this is me, I would like to change it. But how? How do I change a core part of ME?

I did mention my weird introspective funk, right?


4 thoughts on “More introspective ramblings

    • Come on teach, teach me! 😉 You feeling the blahs, too? I had a clothing party this weekend, so the style part I am working on. Need to wear more hats,. I love them, but they scare me.

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