SMOKIN’ deal on better healthier skincare. is a DOTD site, but the more people that buy, the lower the price goes. So today they have a $50 gift certificate for Terralina skincare (Alicia Silverstone approved) that is currently $21, 58% off! PLUS Terralina is having a BOGO free on the same item that stacks! Plus I got a $5 off for doing a survey through a link Jasmere sent me. I think I am getting 2 cleansers, 2 toners and 2 scrubs for $34 shipped. That is less than $6 for products that range from $20-$24. I looked over the ingredient list, and although I am no Kim from Fizz, it looks safe to me! Great products at drugstore prices? I am SO in!

Note:In full disclosure, if you buy through my link I get a $10 credit. 🙂

Update: Now down to $19!


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