Mompreneurs in Flag?

I know here are a lot of entrepreneurs out there and thought I would first contact yall to advertsie a craft fair i’m helping to organize on november 12th from 10 am to noon at the Journey church. The cost per booth is 20. There will be no percentage of sales. the craft fair will be open to the […]

Per Jenn’s request, A YMCA update! :)

Thanks Jenn, for being one of my few regular posters, so I know someone reads my ramblings…. ;-p LOVE the childcare, it’s included for 2 hours per day. Closed from 1-4 or 5. Which is sometimes a bummer. Childcare room is super clean, has a private restroom and weather permitting the kids can play outside. […]

More introspective ramblings

Do you ever look at other women with a touch of envy? I do. Actually it’s more like I wish I were more like her in some little way.  I am stuck between wanting to accept myself as is, good and bad, flaws and all or the part of me that wishes I had “her” […]

20lbs down….

19 to go. Then I will be around my high school weight! Over 1/2 way there. Lost 3 sizes so far! Want to go down 1-2 more. I was a 0 at one point in my life, but I have no desire to be that small again. I just want to be where I am […]