OMG, I am in LOVE with my new English Retreads handbag.

As much as I love my Escama Socorro it is small, too small most of the time.  So, being the hippie chic gal that I am, I went on the hunt for a bigger eco-friendly bag. English Retreads are made from upcycled innertubes. So yeah, rubber. I got the Small Beetle, lined in blue. It holds a business card case (I use as a wallet), my Ecoist coinpurse (not this one, but similar) I use it as a make-up bag, my cell, keys, huge Coach sunglasses case, my CA Baby Sunscreen stick (never leave w/o sun protection) and a few other things, roomier than I though. It’s cute, DH didn’t like it but he likes it better in person and now he likes it, too.  I got a smokin’ deal on a new one, but it is worth much more than I paid, it is well made in Boulder, CO. I LOVE it. I am not a big purse gal. Never have been, but needed a purse where at least my sunglasses case would fit.  I am trying to buy as much eco-friendly stuff as possible. Like Organic clothing, recycled/upcycled stuff, etc. If you are a savvy shopper (or like me cheap) it is doable.  Now I have like 10 Coach bags to start getting rid of, 7 for all Mankind jeans, etc.  I was such a different person, prior to being a mom!


2 thoughts on “OMG, I am in LOVE with my new English Retreads handbag.

    • The purse is really cute, love it! No worries, you have a new baby! You have a license for not doing things!:)

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