I may be a dirty hippie, but Fizz Bath Shop gives me the warm fizzies and here is why!

So between my shopping, and my good friend Kristy (of Data Doctors) here is my Fizz collection….

  • PediBalm– my FAV! So much so, I got my hubs his own. My daughter likes to use it, too. Lotion in a stick is more fun! 😉  It makes my feet soft. I use it before bed, and it has now become a part of my bedtime routine. The texture is smooth and silky, but thick enough it stays put.
  • Soothe Shower Steam– These are fun. I shower at night a lot, and these are very relaxing at the end of the day. My daughter doesn’t like them because they disappear down the drain. She cried one night when it was gone, mind you she is cranky at bed time, but that’s how much she likes them!
  • Soothe Body Mist– A nice light body mist, which I use in bed. I take a few deep breaths after I spray my face to calm my mind, I also use it as a linen spray. Obviously the soothe and Dream lines are best for this.
  • Soothe Solid Scent-I use this again before bed,  on myself and my daughter. I put it on her wrists and she rubs them together, super cute(at bed and naptime). I use it on my wrists and my neck. It is a light scent, and the texture is a smooth moisturizing balm-like texture. Very nice texture.
  • Energize and Soothe Salve-I use them at totally different times. The energize is a minty fresh scent that I use in the AM or afternoon. It takes a bit to sink in (salves are supposed to be thick). I take a bit, let it warm between my palms, and use friction to emulsify it. It has wax, so it needs to be rubbed a bit to smooth out, but that is the texture of salves. They are very rich moisturizers. I like using the Sooth before bed on my hands. Great for dry knuckles and cuticles.
  • Dream and Energy Body Cream– LOVE these. Seriously these are my new go to body moisturizers. Thicker than lotion, they take a bit longer to sink in, but it is so worth the wait. I often shower at night (my quiet, me time, where I process my day, breathe and relax). So I shower, dry-off, do my face stuff, moisturize my body and while the cream sinks in blow-dry my hair.
  • Dream Lip Balm– I love the lip balms. Very smooth, long lasting and leave my lips soft. I sampled a chocolate “prototype” and OMG it was fanfreakintastic. May make my nighttime Synthroid on an empty stomach thing a bit easier, doesn’t eating a tube of lip balm count as food? 😉 My hubs and daughter loved it, too. It has a slight neutral brown tint, which I like. It was really yummy. I am a dark chocoholic and this is my dream scent.
  • Dream Lotion Stick– LOVE the lotion sticks, too.  Very smooth texture,  absorbs well and I am convinced it is more fun to use than lotion from a tube.
  • Healing Moisture Butter–  Smells like a lemony cocoa mix, sounds odd but works and smells really good. Very creamy, but absorbs well. I really like this for cuticles and other rough patches.
  • Coffee Soap– This is an exfoliating soap, lathers well and like any good soap lasts. Good soaps last MUCH longer than drugstore type ones. And for me since showering is sometimes my only downtime, I like to use fancy pants ones. Sometimes it is the only real nice thing I do for myself in a day.  My only issue is the smell. It isn’t the smell of morning, by that I mean the smell in the Folger’s commercials that get people out of bed with a smile. The best part of waking up smell. It was more like coffee grounds. It is very efficient at exfoliating, and although I have sensitive skin, I found it okay, but it may be to scrubby for some. Kim says that was not her typical batch, and I would love to re-review once a new batch is out.

Left to review…. 3 bath fizzies (cannot take a bath post surgery, yet), Lavender soap, Bliss tea, Dream Sugar Scrub and Whipped Shea (my booty from my Fizz trip today, must say MUCH easier with the hubs there). And a soothe Massage bar from my care package still needs to be tried! YAY to new foofy stuff to try! 🙂

My one complaint its that the balloons “fizz-le” after a day, and when poked with my daughters “fairy wand”  from The Golden Aspen, pop. But I guess I can still give them a wholehearted FM Seal of Approval. Seriously the owner is a sweetheart (and a Tweetheart ) , the stuff has all been fabtastic. they use all veggie products, use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible and use SAFE & REAL ingredients. What  could be better? Support Local, Shop Fizz!

I have to say, that I sent my review to Kim first, I have a policy that unless someone was rude, the service was horrible or I found say a band-aid in my food, once I reveal my true self (lol) and have reviewed the service w/o the owner knowing I am doing a review, I often send a copy of my review to the owner for approval. I won’t edit, but if someone was opposed to me posting my review I would not post (with massages I don’t since that are such a unique service and I haven’t ever had a bad one). So back to Kim, she knew I didn’t love the soap, and she encouraged me to post a review anyway. I really respect a business owner that wants to be so honest and transparent, how rare is that? I was just going to omit it, since it was a batch she had tried something new with, but she wanted me to put it all out there even the stuff that wasn’t as positive. So now I like and respect her even more!


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