Trying to start a new business, shopping gods smiling on me, and entering the 90’s (a decade+ late)….

While recovering from surgery and adjusting to thyroid meds.  Am I crazy? Yes, but I have been waiting to do this for almost  year, the hubbies business idea for me,  an I waited until after I had surgery. I have a business name, a basic business plan, and many ideas. Hubs needs to design a logo. Reserving my LLC name via snail mail this week. I have tried things before, but I hope this is the right time for this idea. Positive thinking! I have at least 5 clients lines up, so that’s good!  I will have to break down, stop being so cheap and get a data package on my phone, maybe get a Droid?

I have had good shopping luck lately!


  • 7 For all Mankind kids jeans in a 12, yes may daughter is in a 4/5, but they were $1.99 at Goodwill.
  • Paper Cloth Denim skirt again size 12, Marshall’s $5
  • A recycled wrapper frame $3 Marshall’s thank to DH!
  • M&M’s, Savers and Goodwill for various kid clothes
  • A PVC free shower curtain $5.99 Marshall’s
  • Natural doggie fragrance $4.99 Marshall’s

Also DH and I signed up for Qwest, after a  long like/hate relationship with NPG. We do not have a DVR (never have), which I kinda want, kinda don’t. It sucks when I have school Thurs. night and have to watch Bones on Hulu the next day. But, I try not to watch TV aimlessly. We do use digital music loads, though. And still will. The hubs is STOKED we are getting NFL Sunday ticket, me? Not so much! Consistent internet will be bada$$! Pretty much what we are paying now, so no  real financial dif.

Thyroid meds… Take at 8 am, tired from 2ish-5ish, sometimes needing a nap… Hyper at night, insomnia til 2amish. May need to take them at a different time. I go for bloodwork in a month, so we will see what my blood levels are. Still on pain meds, I have one REALLY sore spot. Hope that gets better soon, can’t take Vicodin forever!!!!!!!

So, that’s my life as of late.

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