So, I have been a bad blogger.

Seriously, my dog ate 10 keys off of my laptop a few weeks ago, I am using my brand new HP G72 right now and I love it! Also, after having a thyroid lobe removed in 2005, I have developed ANOTHER tumor on my other lobe, so I am facing a lobectomy in August leaving me to be on Synthroid for life. My first night away from my daughter ever, will be at FMC. I have a lot on my mind and my thyroid has been bad lately. Irregular heartbeat, too much energy or not enough, fatigue and insomnia, etc. I cannot wait to feel like me for the first time in almost a decade, hopefully the meds don’t take too long to get right! So, that’s my little update. I will try to be a good blogger once again!


2 thoughts on “So, I have been a bad blogger.

    • Thank you so much! I need to come in this week, and get a few things! It gives me something to look forward to. I need to use my 928coupon! Positive thought are MUCH appreciated!

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