I have CHAOS, and(most likely), you do too!

I have CHAOS, do you?

CHAOS- Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

Do you freak when someone comes over without calling? Spend hours cleaning before company comes over? If someone calls and tells you they are dropping by in a half hour, do you rush around like a maniac cleaning?  I have to say YES to ALL, unless my house was just cleaned….

But, WHY? WHY do I feel like if my home isn’t perfect, people will judge me, or think less of me? Why is my self worth tied to how my home looks? Why do I give a rats patoot? Honestly, unless someone’s home is a sty, I don’t judge. In fact going into a friends home, when it is less that perfect makes me feel better about myself. Like it’s okay to not be perfect… I have a good friend; I’ll call her K… K doesn’t care if her house is clean or not, not that her house is a disaster, but it never looks perfect either. I also envy her, because she is very comfortable in her own skin, but that’s another post….

Women today have so much pressure! Soon, I will be going back to work (I hope). Then I will be expected to get dinner on the table, have a clean home, be a good mom, perfect wife, etc. And if the house is a mess, dinner isn’t cooked, who does society blame? THE WIFE, the woman. We are expected to do it ALL! And part of the blame falls on our fellow women. We judge each other. ALL.THE.TIME. We comment when someone is too fat, too skinny. So and so looks old, so and so gets botox. Too frumpy, too done up. Think Kate Gosslin, in the beginning people said she looked tired & plain, now she goes to Target in heels, and we all (womankind) rush to judge. Women cannot please other women, and often  cannot please themselves.

What can we as MOTHER’S do to end the insanity and CHAOS for the next generation of girls?


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