Schultz now over 12, 000 acres.



4 thoughts on “Schultz now over 12, 000 acres.

    • Isn’t it? I do not understand how someone could go camping is such a beautiful area, and not put a campfire out! It takes a little time, but jeez look at what happens when you don’t. Common sense stuff…. My THREE year old said, to my neighbor one a Forest Service FF, “Holy Smoke, it was irresponsible people.” She gets it at 3! If it were a lightening caused fire it would be as sad, but NOT as infuriating…

      Do you live here Jenn? It’s just horrible.

  1. Yes, I live here and am just sick about it. So thankful for the firefighters who are working so hard to keep the fire away from homes. We have friends who have been evacuated and aren’t able to return home yet.

    • Me, too. Our neighbors are FF’s I am having my daughter make them a card thanking them. This is a great community! Sad that our kids won’t remember the Peaks the way we do. So sad.

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