If you know someone that camped at Schultz Sunday, call authorities.

Seriously, no horrible deed should go unpunished. Costing over 1mil already, burning over 10,000 acres, and to my dismay threatening Lockett Meadow. A part of me wants to put the firestarter(s) in Heritage Square tied up and let displaced residents do what they will, or to burn their backyard, but I know that is just anger speaking. I REALLY hope they are found though, fined and jailed. Although no fine or jail time could ever come close to enough punishment for ruining the landscape of Flag for lifetimes to come.

PLEASE do the RIGHT thing, protecting criminals of this magnitude is not right no matter who they are to you.                                          Cause: Investigators have determined that an abandoned campfire started the Schultz Fire. Forest Service officials request that any information concerning the incident or the abandoned campfire be directed to the Coconino NF Supervisors’ Office at (928) 527-3600.


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