I ordered 3 new pairs of shoes for DD.

The one thing I believe all kids should have is good shoes. They affect bone development in the feet, effect posture and joints, etc. Proper support is very important, especially since I have REALLY high arches , and it looks like DD will, too. I don’t buy used shoes, as the footbed has already formed to the previous wearers foot. Make sense? If I buy used jammies at M&M’s for .99, no biggie. But as soon as you start wearing shoes they mold to YOU. Think of how you have shoes with toe indents, etc. Mine, have ball and heel imprints, my arches are so high on the inside, they are an inch or so off the ground. Anyway, that’s my lecture on good shoes.

Y’all know I am also on a tight budget with only DH working, and me in school/SAHM.I save $ on clothes buying used, or after season clearance. I get stuff from ON or Target for $1-$3, buying ahead a season or 2. I have 2 Gap Warmest coats, I got for around$20/ each sitting in her closet, that should last this winter and next. I am a VERY savvy shopper!

So here is how I got 3 great pairs of shoes, for not a steal, but a very reasonable price. I am okay with paying a few $$ more than Target for shoes.

Endless.com has a buy 2 pairs of select kids shoes save 20%, AND 30% BCB on top of that.

The brown and red Primigi’s are on sale for $35.17, after 20% off 28.14, after BCB 30% $19.69

The black Primigi’s are on sale for $43.99, after 20% off $35.2, after BCB 24.63

The Naturino’s (love the bowling style) on sale for $28.58, 20$ off $22.86, after BCb $16.

And endless.com does FREE 2 day shipping on most orders.

I am so sad BCB is ending next month!


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