HELP! This is where we got our pups, they are fab!

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Two beautiful dogs in Maryland need YOUR URGENT HELP so they can live long and happy lives……

Baby Azalea  After Her Rescue

Baby Azalea was found in a Baltimore alley, hogtied, with bites all over her face.  She was a bait dog used for dog fights, discarded like trash when she was no longer “useful.”
We rescued her from euthanasia at a shelter and she now has a foster place in MD ~ but only until this Saturday 12th. We urgently need to find her a permanent or long term foster home. She would be best as the only pet, definitely no cats!, but could live with a playful submissive male.

Please help us!!

Spread the word about her story: talk to friends and coworkers, use Facebook and Twitter, do whatever you can to help this sweetheart find the loving home she deserves. Although shy at first, she quickly warms up and tries to get in your lap before you know it!  A lovebug and snuggler who just never had the chance.

After so much misery, let’s find Baby Azalea the loving home of her life.  If we all reach out, her loving family will find her.  Thank you.

Royal’s Life Still in the Balance…

It was a humidRoyal steamy day and he was left in a car in the Baltimore (MD) Shelter’s parking lot. The window was cracked only a bit. His owners “didn’t quite feel like” holding him on a leash while they waited at the surrender counter. The Shelter took him in, but space is tight, and owner surrenders are the first to go…..

So we said we would take him…BUT…

Through no fault of his own, Royal was exposed to parvo at the Shelter. He is immunised and not a pup, and his risk of developing parvo is minimal.

We URGENTLY need to find him a special foster home for 10 days, so he can be quarantined from other animals, preferably in driving distance from Baltimore.  Royal was a family pet, is house trained and has lived with children and cats.  He is not yet neutered.

Please don’t let this sweet dog die because his family didn’t want him any more, and then at the Shelter he was in the wrong place at the wrong time…through no fault of his own

Help us find Royal a foster home so we can get him out of the Shelter before he is euthanized. His time is up.

These two Maryland dogs are depending on us for their lives. PLEASE HELP!
Please contact:
Alyce-Louise Bertsche: 240-654-7078;

many thanks

Kunzang Drolma

Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare


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