Have I mentioned I (really my husband w/o asking) joined the YMCA? And I LOST TEN lbs. in a month!

Here are my opinions. Nice facility, all shiny and new. Weight are a bit small, treadmills, ellipticals, etc. all great with an ipod hookup. I like that they face windows, so I can look out at the trees while I sweat! Locker rooms are small, 4 showers and SMALL, but nice. They are consistently adding classes, and offer some great ones Zumba, Mommy and Me, etc.  The childcare area is really nice, and all the workers are so far so good. Great staff. My biggest issues are no pool/sauna/hot tub. The pool thing is pretty big w/ a kiddo. And the small locker rooms are a disappointment.  2 hours of childcare a day is great, but spending a bit relaxing in the sauna would be fab!  I have to admit the childcare (as a SAHM) is a motivator, and the ipod attachment is GREAT! I rocked out to 50 Cent today. Oh, and my DH taught my DD to say “What up Gangsta”.

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