Sunscreen, check. Sunglasses, uh ummmm…..

So ya’ll know I am thrifty, cheap, frugal or whatev. I have had a pair Of Gucci sunglasses for almost 10 years, and a pair of D&G for 5 or so years. Well, I can’t find EITHER pair. I have been looking since March! In my former life (I was still thrifty), my pre-kiddo self bought several Coach bags (many from outlets), a Gucci watch (classic), Prada loafers, wore 7 jeans, used Chanel cosmetics/skincare,  etc. I mean, hardly anything was retail, but sale prices on these brands are $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!! Priority shift, and now I buy clothes at Target ( my former self would have laughed/cried/cringed at the thought) and care more about organic cotton than designer labels. So here I am sans sunglasses… I still refuse to buy cheap sunglasses. I only buy Made in Italy sunglasses, there really is a quality difference, and since I, ahem, usually have the same pair for years, spending more for a better product is still fine by me. Quality v. quantity. My former self and I both agree on Walmart being a no-no, but for dif reasons.

A few other things I spend more money on

  • Food. A huge priority. I cannot understand taking a vacay a few times a summer and yet, eating crappy food. Priorities people, priorities. I do save a lot by buying Safeway O brand, doing Bountiful Baskets, and shopping (and stocking up) on NF’s sale items. There are GREAT deals to be had there!
  • Skincare/bodycare/hair care. I am no longer using Chanel $100 skin cream (it has parabens, ewww), but I do buy paraben free/phalate free/cruelty free. My values are, well, valued by ME! So, I spend more than traditional drugstore brands, but far less than department store prices. So $15 each or so on cleanser/toner and a bit more on eye cream/lotion. The Zoya gloss deals help! Everyday Minerals is VERY affordable, but they recently changed their formula, and it may be on my poop list…. I want to love Jane Iredale, but the coverage of the foundation is not enough.
  • Shoes. Cheap shoes are bad for your feet, especially for kiddo feet, since their feet are still forming and it effects posture. I have VERY high arches, and cannot wear bad shoes. So I have traded my Coach wedges for Simple Shoes mary janes.  DD wears Pediped, Umi, Primigi, etc.
  • Toys. My philosophy is buy less, buy better.

Mind you, I still get deals and bargain shop for everything! Back to sunglasses… I have a small narrow face, with a “button nose” that has a flat bridge, so sunglasses are a challenge. I like oversized lenses, so that the sun coverage is good, but not like Paris Hilton huge. I checked Marshalls and Ross, but their selection is MIC and ehh. Sam’s Club here has nada good. So that leaves the Hut in the mall, eekkk gasp RETAIL, or e-bay. Hmmm. I do have $20 in my PP acct. from Bing Cash back, so e-bay it is! Kinda scary buying w/o trying them on, but hey I need to take more risks! So I think I am getting these. I hope they look good on, if not, I will still wear them (too cheap to not).


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