Not trying to brag, but I get a facial EVERY DAY!

What I have dubbed a Mama facial. You see, I open the dishwasher and let the steam give me a quick DIY at home facial. Ahhhh, the little luxuries us SAHM’s have, actually the ones we create. My real me time is in the shower. It is quiet, smells good, is warm and soothing and did I mention QUIET????? My little luxury, on  my shoestring budget is good soap. Since we are paraben and phalate free and I use veg stuff, soap is a luxury I can afford. I love Giovanni, Dr. Bronner’s and etsy homemade soap. The Giovanni Hot Chocolate smells DIVINE!  To have a touch of luxury everyday makes me happy! 🙂 I have always wanted to make my own soap, but time is a constraint, especially with the time/space it takes to cure the soap!


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