Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen….

Every year this is a big consideration….
I was using Mychelle SPF 28 for my face, but I sill got slight burns, so that is out. (Mind you I am VERY fair, think Casper)…
We use CB on DD, either the cream or stick. For me I needed higher SPF, so Vanicream 60 sounded good. We’ll see soon. Scores a 1 on EWG/Skin Deep. At (always free shipping), if you add something to your favorites, you get 10% off, plus BCB is 20%, so it is affordable, too. For my face, I ordered La Vanila Healthy Skin SPF 40.  No score, but seems good. Sephora is 20% BCB, so I bought it for myself as a Mother’s Day/B-day gift, along with a few other things, had to get to fs @ $50! ; ) We all do the best we can for our families, no one is perfect, and nothing is perfect, we just do the best we can with what we can afford and the knowledge we have…………

Some resources….

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