New Frontiers 4/28-5/11

My list…

  • Organic Spring mix and spinach- $3.99/lb.
  • Emerald Valley hummus- $2.50
  • Organic bunch carrots-.99
  • Almond Breeze Milk-$2.99/64oz.
  • Ezekiel sprouted tortillas-$2
  • NF’s Organic Spirulina 250 Veg. tabs-$10.29
  • Unsprayed strawberries 1lb.-$2.50

Not the greatest ad ever, but maybe some other good sales in store?

2 thoughts on “New Frontiers 4/28-5/11

  1. How are the sprouted tortillas? I’ve been wondering if I should give them a try.

    Also, do you go to the store to get the ad? It bugs me that they don’t have their ad online.

    Thanks for taking the time share your list!

    • The sprouted tortillas are good, not delicious, yet so un-healthy white flour tortillas good, but good in a healthy way! 😉
      I do go get the ad (or send my hubby on the way home from work) then circle the stuff I want, and keep it in my household binder with coupons, and my Motivated Mom checklist and menu list.Maybe I will post about my binder system…. I wish they had it online, too. For Safeway, I can look online on Wednesday and make my list. I share it online, because of this. It isn’t everything, but common (at least in my house) stuff to buy. I try to be a community resource of sorts… You are very welcome! I go to Sam’s Club pretty much just for lettuce, spinach and a few other things. I am wondering if I may just drop it and get the lettuce/spinach from Safeway “O”.

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