Take Action Tuesday and Wednesday 31 cent ice cream scoops!

I c&p’d this from my FB page, so these aren’t my words, but I wanted to get the word out.
Don’t forget take action tuesday! It’s tomorrow the 27th!

Riordan Action Network needs all of the help and we are so glad the Flagstaff downtown businesses want to help us out by donating 10% of their revenues.

Get someone a graduation gift, or mother’s day present, or birthday gift! OR get yourself a little special treat or use it as an excuse to eat out.

participating businesses: http://www.flagdba.com/take-action-tuesdays

My personal game plan is:
go to Fizz Bath Shop for Mother’s Day& Birthday presents!
go to the Old Town Shops:
go to Brookside chocolates to buy a little treat to save for later
drool over the TOMS at Sage Brush (for every pair of TOMS you buy a pair goes to needy children)
go to Basement Marketplace& see if they have any cute sun dresses!
then head to Mama Burger for dinner (mmmm, spud burgers& cajun fries…..)
final step: go home happy knowing that I helped out Riordan Mansion while having fun& buying presents

another good charity: Wednesday is 31 cent scoop day at Baskin Robins! Money helps out the Flagstaff Firefighters!


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