What I am buying at New Frontier’s 4/14-4/27

Here is my list of the sale stuff I am buying!

  • Biokleen Household cleaners , SOME 40% off. Some of my fav cleaners are BK
  • Barbara’s Bakery Jalapeno Cheese Bakes, $1.79. Better junk food, they are a yummy treat.Hey, I’m human, too.
  • GYO OrganicPB,  $2.89/lb. Great deal!
  • Seeds of Change Indian Sauces, $3.49. I got a curry to try.
  • Imagine Foods Rice Dream rice milk, $3.89/64 oz.
  • Tempt Hemp Milk, $2.99/32 oz.  Good source of Omegas.
  • Organic Gala Apples $1.49/lb (great in smoothies/shakes instead of a sweetener)
  • Organic Zucchini, $1.69/lb. After my orzo the other night, I bought a few more zucs to grate to make an quinoa salad, yum!
  • Org. Baby Carrots $1.49/lb.
  • Emerald Valley Org. Hummus $2.50/12 oz. Great with carrots above!
  • Bulk Org. Black Beans, $1.29/lb. Good source of vegetarian protein!
  • Lifeway and Nancy’s Kefir are both on sale. DD loves “yogurt milk”.Probiotic and protein!
  • Rising Moon frozen Org. pasta. $2.99 AND a coupon in the NF ad for $1 off, limit four. Bringing it down to $1.99 each, which is a great deal. We love the pasta. DH wants to use 2 packages , but I do one, carbs shouldn’t be the dominant part of a meal.  I add quorn meat and veggies to bulk it up.
  • Dr. Bronners liquid  soap! 35% off I got a 32 oz. For just under $10. I will post about using castile to clean soon! Castile has many uses!
  • Quorn brand faux meat! MY FAV! Between $4.99-$4.39 per package (turk’y roast is more $$$$) PLUS a $2 off 2 coupon. Making most $3.39, a GREAT deal. Every time I go I but 2 to stock my freezer. The Chik’n tender are a great addition to stirfry,salads, pasta, etc. The meatballs are really good, too. And the breaded Chik’n patties are far superior to Morningstar (which isn’t very good for you). Quorn would be a great meatless monday item. Make it and see if your DH knows it isn’t real meat, just hide the bag. Seriously my freezer will be 1/2 filled with Quorn soon. I do not like the goat cheese stuffed chik’n, but I don’t like goat cheese. The Gruyere ones are good, high in fat so we don’t have it a lot, but good. Great with green beans and a starch.

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