What am I doing today?

Well, finishing my taxes of course! I DID mention I am a procrastinator, right? Well, although it is my least favorite trait about myself, after years of trying to completely change it, I am trying to accept it and improve it a little bit at a time. Hi, my name is Flagstaff Mama and I am a procrastinator. Everyone has flaws, and this is DEF one of my biggest ones!. Our taxes are pretty simple, so the logic side of me says all the more reason to do them early, but the procrastinator side won this year. Usually they are done in March, but this year with school, clinicals, DD”s B-day next week, well I  (with my organizational OCD) has become a bit unorganized. I need to do some serious spring cleaning, we have far too much stuff. We have a “couch” ,theater seats, sitting in my front room. Seriously we still have stuff to get rid of from my dad, who died 3 years ago. I have tons of paper I need to shred, too. But our shredder is temperamental and works 50% of the time or less.

Anyhoo…. Hoping to get some$$$ back, so we can get DD her BGB, full size bed soon!  I cannot wait to go back to work, and earn $$$ again. I really miss that, besides the fact we could use the money. And we REALLY need to sell my dad’s house, whcih we still pay a mortgage on, with no tenant. They guy moved out (he was supposed to buy it in a few years). He agreed to buy it, and changed his mind…. to which I am still annoyed. Anyhoo our former tenant just got a DUI, Karma anyone?

This is a rambling/random post, I think I needed to vent? Thanks for reading my musings, is anyone reading? If you ever need to vent, send a comment, and barring profanity, or anything inappropriate, I will post it! Keep in mind, your e-mail address does appear (I have no control over that, sorry).

April 15th, the new “Get Things Off Your Chest Day”!


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