So, we are charter members of the new YMCA!

And I have mixed feelings. First while at the BB produce co-op, DH joined. Without. Calling. Me. Annoyed? Yeah, kinda. WE were planning on joining the Aquaplex, but then they charged for some classes and childcare, so the deal wasn’t as sweet. Then I hear complaints about the chlorine levels in the pool, etc.  We need to join a gym . DH could lose a few pounds, and well I can be honest here, so can I. Under $60/month for all 3 of us, and free childcare. BUT, no pool yet. I really want classes, like yoga and pilates. Hopefully they end up with good classes!


2 thoughts on “So, we are charter members of the new YMCA!

  1. gotta say- the lack of a pool was defintely the reason why I stuck with FAC- it’s only around $60 there for the 3 of us- & with 2 locations & all those pools- including the outdoors one- it’s the best for us. The initiaition & cancellation fees are BS though…

    • Yeah, DH didn’t ask for my input. Like you have mentioned before tone is an issue online, so you don’t get to hear my annoyed tone! 😉 I think FAC was $75 for all 3 of us, you pay $60? I really hate the gym, I only like classes, treadmills seems so assembly line, like in the 1940’s they would have laughed at people walking on machines VS walking outside. Classes I enjoy!

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