I just received a message on Twitter that Sara Pressler….

AKA The Mayor of Flagstaff  reads the blog! It might be cool to feature her on her with answers to some of our/your questions regarding her stance on Flagstaff issues. Joe Haughey is too conservative for my taste, and I am not comfortable with a Realtor as Mayor. Remember what people used to say about Anti-Walmart Joe Donaldson? I want someone progressive in office. Joe Haughey is kinda in the ole‘ boys club in Flag, anyone that has lived here a few years knows who these guys are. While there is nothing wrong with them, they have more conservative views than I have. I like Sarah tweeting info during council meetings, I mean I watch some meetings on TV, but let’s just say sometimes I could fall asleep listening to one.

So,  with the election coming up (on my birthday) what issues would you like to ask Sarah about? What are your concerns? I am concerned about the school situation, although in this economy most every district in America is having budget issues.  Also, along the JO Food Revolution lines, school lunches are e topic I think at some point needs to be addressed. Flag has some issues that are generally more prevalent in bigger cities with the capacity to deal with them better. Such as the homeless population, especially the ones addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Being a bleeding heart liberal I believe in compassion, but at the same time I don’t like leaving the grocery store with my little girl with aggressive people harassing me. This is actually my least favorite thing about Flag. I will soon be working in the medical profession and really besides law enforcement/emergency services there is not other profession more affected. Breaking the cycle of addiction is the only long-term solution, and making that work is difficult at best. 

 FM is officially endorsing her, if I haven’t already.


One thought on “I just received a message on Twitter that Sara Pressler….

  1. I think you should consider a career in politics. You are what we “hippie, liberal, tree huggers” need. You would be missing your calling if you didn’t at least consider it.

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