Starting a new tradition up in our “hizouse”

So, I’m Irish, pretty darn Irish. You can spot me at the park in the shade, wearing sunglasses to protect my baby blues from the evil sunlight slathered with sunscreen. Have you seen Twilight? Yeah, they coulda cast me, and I wouldn’t  have had to wear make-up. I may have just given away my Bruce Wayne identity….

Anyhoo…. I am starting a Leprechaun tradition. When DD wakes on Wednesday AM, she will find surprises left by our little Leprechaun.  St. Padraig’s Day has always been very special to me. And I want it to be special for DD, too. Corned Beef in Cabbage is NOT an Irish tradition, it is an AMERICAN tradition. Soda Bread on the other hand, well I have my Grandmother’s recipe from Co. Wicklow, so yeah pretty Irish!

Leprechaun’s are mischievous creatures, and they make little messes in people houses and leave gold coins, other little things, too.

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