Having a debate on a message board….

So here is the issue. I want to do Echoage invites for DD’s third B-day. Some people think it is rude to expect gifts (some also bring gift to “no gifts please” parties) and while I don’t EXPECT gifts, I know some people will bring them. I do not allow DD to play with Fisher-Price, so to ME it is better to have everyone chip in (with 1/2 being donated) so DD gets something that will be used,  than for me to give away a gift someone buys DD. I know what a pain it is to go to Target with a kid in tow, pick out a gift, wrapping paper etc. and then go home and wrap it. To me having someone go through that to give a gift to Goodwill is a waste of time, gas and money. And then what about thank you cards. Thanks for the gift we gave away? I know we lead a pretty hippie life, and while I don’t force that on others, I do not want certain things in my home.

Opinions? I would prefer not having to go to Target and wonder what to get someone, prefer not wasting a tree on wrapping paper, and prefer knowing the gift I was giving was going to be used as opposed to being donated.


10 thoughts on “Having a debate on a message board….

  1. I think people that know you would know not to bring FP or similar gifts for DD’s bday. If they however don’t, ahem MIL, Just smile and go w it. Like you said you “don’t expect gifts” so just think of them as a donation for a child who might otherwise have nothing. I do think it would be slightly rude to request or suggest gifts. Just be gracious and send a thank you card along as sincerely as possible.

    • Hmmmm. I really like the green-ness of echoage, too. The not driving and wasting paper aspect. I think it would go along with her theme, DD is turning 3, come with me and hug a tree. Last year I returned or donated the majority of stuff she got…And the donating to a cause thing, is cool from echoage. Hmmm… food for thought.

  2. I agree with all that thefairyblogmother has written. Gifts, no matter what kind, whether acceptable or not, are really a kind gesture from others. Best to just accept them graciously. Unless they ask for suggestions, then you can give them ideas…

    • So echoage is tacky? Maybe I will do a no gifts party then… Who would have ever thought it was such a big thing throwing a kids party….. CT you know who FBM is right? My other childhood BFF! 🙂

  3. Just have gifts. DD will appreciate the fun of opening bday gifts. She won’t remember they were donated or returned later on. 🙂

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