Have you seen the Buried Life on MTV?

I am not usually a huge MTV fan, but this show is so good. The premise is 4 guys have a bucket list with 100 items. Every time they do an item on this list that help a stranger make a “bucket list” item a reality. Example, the guys wanted to compete in a Krump dancing contest, and in return they helped a young guy who had been through a lot, make his dream of his grandma hearing one of his raps on the radio come true. I was crying…. I love the concept!!!! So cool!

On my list so far

  1. Go to Tibet
  2. Finish Nursing School & become a Nurse.
  3. Run a marathon…. Maybe the Bay to Breaker on my 35th B-day…
  4. Make and perfect my Grandmother’s Irish Soda Bread recipe.
  5. Learn to sew, and start making all kids of things! I have 2 sewing machines one is industrial quality!
  6. Havasupi Falls, nuff said…

2 thoughts on “Have you seen the Buried Life on MTV?

  1. Hmm got me wondering what my bucket list would be. If you run B2B let me know I would love to do it with you. I will just need to train hardcore, lol.

    • You and CT are running the B2B with me. Have you seen the show? It is really cool!

      Ummm and why haven’t YOU blogged in like a month?

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