Quite an interesting and scary blog…

So, a teacher takes photos and blogs about school lunches at her school. I am disgusted, though not surprised by the food. Being vegetarian, I will almost always make DD’s lunch. They look like prison meals, and icees for lunch? What food group is that group C for Crap? We feed our kids this garbage and wonder why they are obese…. Hmmm, I wounder why. Seriously these lunches look filthy. Chocolate milk and the SECOND INGREDIENT IS HFCS? They are poisoning an entire generation. Something needs to be done, REALLY! Sodium content= Hypertension, fat content=heart disease, HFCS+other sugars=diabetes.

The sad part is many lower income school children eat both breakfast and lunch at school, as it is subsidized. If they are low income most often they aren’t getting the most nutritious meals at home, often with 2 parents working full time, and processed food being less expensive than say organic fresh produce. I have always thought the argument that all American kids have the same opportunities a joke. Less affluent areas have trouble finding and retaining good teachers, tend to have more crime, more latchkey kids, etc. And less food that nourishes both mind and body.


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