Need to get back on track!

My cough is almost gone, YAY! So tomorrow I need to get back onto a regular schedule! I have school Tues/Thurs from 6-8:30, so on those days I either do leftovers or make dinner early. Usually I like to study before class, so leftovers are ideal! I plan my meals ahead a few days to a wkek out. Much easier.

Motivated Moms is great for keeping me on track, but I got backed up on laundry,which happens when I get sick. Wonder why… 😉 So, I need to do laundry on my assigned days again, usually the weekend when enough has built up! DD is every few days usually. Then on Sun. night I can fold laundry for an hour during Desperate Housewives while DH is watching DD, and on Monday for an hour.

Exercise has gotten off track, too. Now I think I can workout without hacking, I really hate having a cough!

Sleep, too. My cough is really bad at night so I have been going to sleep REALLY late, laying in bed coughing sucks! I have accepted I am not an early to bed early to rise gal. Trying to do that goes against my natural state, not very Taoist…. So, being in bad at 12 is pretty natural for me and waking at 9…

I need to get back into using my Franklin Covey Plan Plus Planner on my desktop, too. Getting sick is such a “derailer” of good habits!


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